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This poem is taken from PN Review 208, Volume 39 Number 2, November - December 2012.

'Bread and Wine' and Other Poems (translated by Andrew Shanks) Friedrich Hölderlin
Bread and Wine

To Heinze


All around the city subsides, in lamplight and quiet,
  And, with torches ablaze, carriages clatter away.
The people go happily home, replete now and drowsy.
  A businessman, frowning with thought, surveys his accounts,
Then smiles. And stillness descends on the stalls of the market,
  The flowers, the grapes, the knick-knacks all stashed out of sight.
But, listen - stringed music! Far off, in a garden maybe,
  A lover is playing, or one who is now bereft,
Thinking of those long gone, missing their laughter. The fountains
  Splash, spilling their freshness into the sweet-scented air.
Bells chime, in the gloaming, one still stroke after another;
  And, punctual as ever, a watchman calls out the hour.
Now, too, a breeze comes to rustle the tops of the coppice,
  And here, look! here comes our earth's shadow image, the moon

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