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This poem is taken from PN Review 71, Volume 16 Number 3, January - February 1990.

Ve Ejog Boi Roger Moss

omij to jondewbewfay
franfia lecawnew

Ejogs livin ejros inner munxt ve ded livs vey ar brarnish ter lukat n av ardly eny legs but vey ar not vat smorl sos wotchew yewjely sees jussa russaling inve livs lika eepov erf cumin tove sirfis n not mudj els

Vey av ard brisuls orlova n ril spoiky wuns onver baks widjar sharpus nidls

Vey rowl up inner bawl f veyar atact aw frytent n nufn cun gerat vem seenas vey done unrowl agen n til woteva it wosaz gonner way

Vey done kil enifink sfaras oi no fact ver rilly shoi n loikit bes f ver lefferlown snifin ebowt ordozin inner bawl

Oi done no wot vey it but oi sposits wurmsnslugs-ncatapilowsnfinks orlsew vey dolik asosserov milk oiverd

Few cadj soit ov n ejog nira too yewcan seevat vey gora longlil snat orlwis wiglin ebowt n lukin fe finks n too toiny shoiny lil ois

Vey done smel nois but vey ava nois smoil a lil toofy pryvet smoil zif vey erda gud jowk n a stil finkin ebowtit

Oiv sin ejogs cwy erfew toims n wuns oi sor sum nirar ows t noit a ol famly vey ad fre lil boibis wivem rilly toiny scutlin elon in ve darknus beyind ver mumendad

Ter lukat vem ver rilly funy arf piglit arf tawtoys n arf pincushn midad ses

But vey ar partov nache juslikus n oi spos vey wer maid by gard juslikus vo gard nos wy

Vey ar juslikus orlsew avin unger n famlis n dyin but vey donav cworils aw owsis aw darnsin aw ve sak

Vesar ve fax ebowt ejogs sfaras oi no

Oi done rilly no vat mudj ebowt em n oi ant orlvat mudj tosoi but oi dew pintsem cwy erlot

Oiv bin pintin vem frawoil n spracanin em eniwar vers a spois

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