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Fragments of the Past David Herman erich auerbach, Mimesis: The Representation of Reality in Western Literature (New Expanded Edition) (Princeton University Press, 2013) £16.95
jonathan wittenberg, Walking with the Light: From Frankfurt to Finchley (Quartet Books, 2013) £20.00
stefan zweig, Shooting Stars: Ten Historical Miniatures (Pushkin Press, 2013) £14.99

One of my favourite books as a child was Hendrik Willem Van Loon’s The Story of Mankind, an illustrated children’s history of the world, written almost a hundred years ago. In the Foreword, he describes how as a child his uncle took him to the top of the tower of Old St Lawrence in Rotterdam, a church built in the fifteenth century. When they get to the top, he and his uncle look out over the whole city. As they look, their guide points out various landmarks. Those trees, he tells the ... read more
Thirty-Nine Rooms translated by J. Kates
Nikolai Baitov 1

Here is my room. Lingering dawn fingers
every ghostly object in it. I wake up
and look all around me – my eyeglasses
over there. A watch, a cup.


Here is my room. Dust on the icons, thick.
In the cracked icon-lamp a desiccated wick.
Antique books no one has opened, it appears,
for a hundred years.


Here is my room, various forces interlacing
among galaxies, black holes, empty spaces,
... read more
Vertiginous Perspectives
On the Thirteenth Stroke of Midnight: Surrealist Poetry in Britain, edited by Michel Remy (Carcanet Press, 2013) £18.95
On the Thirteenth Stroke of Midnight is the first anthology to focus on surrealist poetry in English since Edward B. Germain’s 1978 Penguin anthology and the first ever to feature surrealist poetry written exclusively in Britain. It’s a handsome book showcasing a generous selection of poetry by members of the English sur­realist group together with some of their artwork. It also includes introductory essays, biographies, comprehensive bibliographies and a welcome selection of manifestos and declarations which show, amongst other things, that British surrealists enjoyed a good scrap just as much as their French counterparts. That David Gascoyne’s first English Manifesto of Surrealism is only being translated into English for the first time in this book is, as its French editor Michel Remy notes, ironic but perhaps typical of British surrealism, whose existence, particularly in the form of poetry, has been a pretty ghostly affair ... read more
Selected from the Archive...
The Erotics of History Eavan Boland
1. Heroic: A Sonnet with One Rhyme

Sex and history. And skin and bone.
And the oppression of Sunday afternoon.

Bells called the faithful to devotion.

I was still at school and on my own
and walked aimlessly and sheltered from the rain.

The patriot was made of drenched stone.
His lips were still speaking. The gun
he held had just killed someone.

I looked up. And looked at him again.
... read more
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