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Jonathan Packer (contributed once in 1996)
Ruth Padel (contributed six times between 1985 and 2005)
Steve Padley (contributed once in 2000)
P.K. Page (contributed once in 2003)
Ra Page (contributed seven times between 1995 and 1999)
Christine Pagnoulle (contributed once in 1984)
George Painter (contributed once in 1982)
Michael Palmer (contributed four times between 2002 and 2003)
George Parfitt (contributed once in 1992)
Tudor Parfitt (contributed once in 1988)
Jay Parini (contributed once in 1996)
Cate Parish (contributed twice between 1995 and 1999)
Michael Parker (contributed twice between 2000 and 2014)
Rennie Parker (contributed seven times between 1993 and 2008)
Tim Parks (contributed six times between 1986 and 1989)
Sandeep Parmar (contributed twice in 2012)
Patrick Parrinder (contributed once in 1988)
Constance Parrish (contributed once in 2003)
Idris Parry (contributed 16 times between 1981 and 2015)
Elise Partridge (contributed twice between 2008 and 2015)
Elise Paschen (contributed once in 2017)
Giovanni Pascoli (contributed once in 1988)
Pier Paulo Pasolini (contributed five times between 1985 and 2011)
Boris Pasternak (contributed twice between 1979 and 2010)
Ian Patterson (contributed three times between 2015 and 2016)
Ricardo Pau-Llosa (contributed once in 2007)
Tom Paulin (contributed nine times between 1976 and 1986)
Miodrag Pavlović (contributed twice in 1985)
Arto Payaslian (contributed once in 2007)
Tom Payne (contributed three times between 2000 and 2003)
Octavio Paz (contributed nine times between 1975 and 1988)
Mollie Peacock (contributed once in 2009)
Gabriel Pearson (contributed once in 1979)
Graham Pechey (contributed four times between 2005 and 2016)
John Peck (contributed 34 times between 1979 and 2012)
Anne Pennington (contributed once in 2012)
Marjorie Perloff (contributed nine times between 1981 and 2012)
Simon Perril (contributed once in 2012)
Kevin Perryman (contributed once in 2013)
György Petri (contributed once in 1999)
Petronius (contributed once in 2001)
Gunnar Pettersson (contributed once in 1987)
Richard Pevear (contributed once in 2010)
Michael Peverett (contributed once in 2006)
Malcolm Phillips (contributed once in 2001)
Tom Phillips (contributed once in 1989)
Edward Picot (contributed 10 times between 2001 and 2004)
Adam Piette (contributed three times between 2006 and 2010)
John Pikoulis (contributed once in 1995)
Janos Pilinszky (contributed twice between 1979 and 1981)
John Pilling (contributed 139 times between 1979 and 2009)
Pindar (contributed once in 1984)
Ian Pindar (contributed twice between 2006 and 2009)
Helen Pinkerton (contributed twice between 1989 and 1994)
Robert Pinsky (contributed 14 times between 1979 and 2010)
Fiona Pitt-Kethley (contributed once in 1981)
Marcelin Pleynet (contributed once in 1979)
Arthur Pollard (contributed once in 1980)
Natalie Pollard (contributed twice in 2010)
Richard Pollott (contributed once in 2006)
Valentina Polukhina (contributed once in 2012)
Marsha Pomerantz (contributed four times between 2008 and 2015)
Simon Pomery (contributed once in 2005)
Giovanni Pontiero (contributed three times between 1987 and 1991)
Richard Poole (contributed six times between 1980 and 1997)
Roger Poole (contributed twice between 1986 and 1988)
Roger Pooley (contributed once in 1983)
Maya C. Popa (contributed once in 2014)
Maya Catherine Popa (contributed once in 2014)
Jacquelyn Pope (contributed once in 2011)
Ian Pople (contributed 13 times between 1994 and 2016)
Rebecca Porte (contributed once in 2007)
(contributed once in 2014)
Peter Porter (contributed three times between 1975 and 1994)
Todd Portnowitz (contributed twice between 2015 and 2016)
Jem Poster (contributed 24 times between 1981 and 2012)
Madeline Potter (contributed once in 2016)
James A. Powell (contributed twice in 1980)
Jim Powell (contributed three times between 1989 and 2006)
(contributed four times between 2016 and 2017)
Neil Powell (contributed 157 times between 1977 and 2017)
T. F. Powys (contributed once in 1982)
Chris Preddle (contributed twice between 2010 and 2011)
John Press (contributed once in 2000)
K.I. Press (contributed once in 2005)
Karen Press (contributed four times between 1996 and 2002)
Edmund Prestwich (contributed six times between 1983 and 2016)
Angharad Price (contributed twice between 1996 and 1999)
Kate Price (contributed eight times between 1997 and 2004)
Katy Price (contributed twice between 2012 and 2015)
Richard Price (contributed 14 times between 2001 and 2014)
F.T. Prince (contributed 15 times between 1982 and 1995)
Johanna H. Prins (contributed three times between 1984 and 1985)
Göran Printz-Påhlson (contributed once in 1985)
R.E. Pritchard (contributed three times between 1990 and 1991)
Stephen Procter (contributed six times between 2005 and 2017)
(contributed once in 2014)
Wyatt Prunty (contributed twice between 1981 and 1982)
Sheenagh Pugh (contributed 11 times between 2003 and 2016)
David Punter (contributed once in 1984)
Glyn Pursglove (contributed twice between 1986 and 1987)
Alexander Pushkin (contributed once in 1980)
Rodney Pybus (contributed 15 times between 1982 and 2011)
Avril Pyman (contributed three times between 1987 and 1989)
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Contributors - P
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